اولین طراح و تولیدکننده ترانسفورماتور در ایران
ایران ترانسفو ری
ایران ترانسفو ری
نیم قرن تلاش در جهت رفع نیازهای صنعت برق کشور
ایران ترانسفو ری
ایران ترانسفو ری
به اصالت ایران

Being confident on experienced, self assured and committed labar forces have set the IRAN TRANSFO foal as the best company of the holding company to perform the task of reaching the bright future for it’s nation.The way we have set foot onto, includes the terms by which the concept of innovation, superiority and quality are constantly being applied.


  • Responsive Management
  • Systematic Creativity plus Scientific innovation
  • Moral Commitment and Marketing integrity
  • Meritocracy
  • Diligent effort to organisational and individual development
  • Pioneering at quality and applied tech

Senior management, Establish management system towards standard-based quality Compliance with legal requirements in the management of the quality of services aiming at the constant efficiency as follow

  1. Sale Growth
  2. Cost Reduction, Productivity Growth and Resource Optimisation
  3. Beneficiary satisfaction regarding meeting the need
  4. staff development towards qualitative requirements, serving the purpose of staff managment to put the policy into practice to achive the goals.
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